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Bob is a rare find these days, a true professional who is knowledgeable in his field. Bob really did his homework before showing us the homes with everything we were looking hoping to find. Other agents seem to only show you homes they are desperate to sell. But not Bob, he went out of his way a ensure we found the perfect home. We want to buy her out and she just wants the money. She does not pay any monies into the house for physical upkeep we do. Does at least the land taxes get deducted from the purchase of the home?

There were no gutter on the home we put them on as well. Please help! I want to be fair for both parties. Did you live in the home rent-free? Now, you need to figure out how much the property is worth, as it, today. And, then your husband and his sister need to adjust that price for all of the costs of sale like hiring a real estate agent, marketing the property, etc. You can then take out a mortgage on the property assuming it is mortgage-free for the amount that you owe his sister.

Your husband and his sister inherited the property at its current market value, which has to be determined, so when he buys her half, it will be tax-free.

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  • A good real estate or estate attorney will be invaluable in making sure the valuation is fair and that relationships are preserved. I have a different situation. Back story my grandparents bought my house in cash for me and my kids.

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    I am to pay monthly into the estate to insurance taxes rest principal and if needed can withdrawal for maintence hot water tank, fridge, ect my dad is the executor. My dads names on the title he never let my grandma put her name on it and I have declarations to prove I had a contract with my grandmother and never had one with my dad. He never did probate and took my aunt to court got his debt whipped clean he was supposed to pay back to the estate and now the money for my house is his self gain. And everytime my parents get upset they threaten us about the house.

    I have all records of payment even from when my grandmother was alive. And every month they take the cashier check to the bank and deposit it. How can I keep my house? Should I sue? My brother paid my parents for a portion of their property before my father died. My mother put it in writing but not witnessed nor notarized that the land was paid and was to go to my brother.

    She is now in a dementia wing in a nursing home. When she dies, can my brother still claim that property? This property portion was paid in full in My mother went on Medicaid in But since this was marked paid 26 years befe Medicaid, can he still claim it?

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    Would it be considered a Bond Of Conveyance? We both went on the deed as tenants-in-common with a verbal agreement that I would pay her back across 20yrs. She has never used the property i. However, not my concern as I have the checks to prove it. However, since verbal agreements are not recognized here in N. Secondly, Im now in a position to get a mortgage to pay off the remainder of what I own her to get her off the deed, however my concern is her changing her mind again to acquire even more money or cheat me out of it altogether.

    What type of contract would I need before going forth with a mortgage and trying to buy her out for the remainder owed… a promissory note or unequal homeownership contact or both? Essentially, I guess what Im asking is what is the most favorable outcome for myself in this situation. It would be nice if there were some way to get the amt owed closer to the original agreement.

    Thank you for your time. Is there a law where I can put up a fight or do me and my brother have to live on the road and pray life pass us?. Need help mom father and mother passed away I have a brother and half sister I have been paying the taxes on the house sence and have all my paper work the never tried to help me out no will and no succion has been done.

    My daughter and son-in-law have been renting a home for 5 years. Someone told my son-in-law that they could take over ownership of the hope if they paid the past due taxes. Can you tell me if that is accurate? If it makes any difference, they are Michigan residents. The owner would still have two years to redeem the taxes, but your daughter and her husband could make a nice profit if that did happen.

    The other way this works is if your kids paid the outstanding property taxes for two decades and then were able to somehow acquire the property.

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    The biggest right right now is that the property goes into foreclosure because in addition to not paying property taxes, the owner may also not be paying any mortgage that is owed. They should also get in contact with the owner to see if the mortgage if there is one, you can check that out online is being paid on time and in full. Ok here is my situation.

    My Mother bought a mobile home back in she made the check out everything all good, The man she bought it from moved and can not locate him. She was suppose to I guess get it in her name?..

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    ​​​Property Tax Bill Search​

    Well that Never happened. Now my mom has the recipe of the check she wrote him to buy the house.. Can someone please tell me what I need to do or if I can go around this bs. Is the property considered yours?

    If you own the trailer, you own it. And if you pay property taxes not how every state taxes trailers then you own it. Do you have a deed? Thank you stephanie. Who owns the property? If you inherited the property, then you can decide what to do with it. Please find a trusted professional to help you sort through what your father owned and if he left it to you.

    My mother passed in and left the house in a ttrust to be sold and the money split between the kids. My brother has been living there all this time and paying the property taxes. My sister is the executor of the will is wanting to sell the house but my brother says its his and he is not going to leave. Does he have legal rights to the house since he has been living there for this long? I have been offered, by the owner, a long strip of land if I pay the taxes due. It is not a homestead property, but once had a mobile home on it.

    If I pay the taxes due, am I then the owner if he signs a quit claim deed? I bought a home paid for everything with a verbal agreement use my friends credit i was the one living in the home and paid for the morgage all the expense , tqaxed imteredt and morgage , do I have the right to claim the taxes if i paid for them. I if someone else is paying the property tax all the home that belongs to your mother they are deceased but you are fixing it up cuz they put you out if your family member. I have been staying in a home with a guy I know. He had the house for five years now. His grandfather bought it for him and he owned the home.

    Now what can I do to get this home into my hands. Basically how can I own this home or sell it before the bank does. The city did not evict him. They only said that we all need to leave until the electricity and water is paid. This is a million dallar home and was bought for , It doubled price in 5 yrs.

    What do I do?? My Uncle who was the executor of the estate for over 20 years when my grandmother died.