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  1. How does a couple qualify for a marriage license in Pomona, California?
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How does a couple qualify for a marriage license in Pomona, California?

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Sylvan St. They're also willing to deputize any friend or family member you would like to have perform your wedding through their Deputy for a Day program as long as the application is completed and fee paid a couple months before the wedding 1 month for an additional fee and that person can appear in person at 11 am on a Thursday morning to be sworn in.

There are also lots of non-denominational ministers and freelance wedding officiants who can perform your wedding ceremony, some who may be available at short notice and can issue a Confidential Marriage License if you decide to tie the knot while on your LA vacation.

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Share Pin Email. To obtain a marriage license in Los Angeles County, you must:. NOTE: all documents must be in English or for other languages, documents must be submitted with a notarized English translation by a certified translator.

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Both of you must be unmarried previous marriages are valid until the final day of dissolution. Pay a marriage license fee. Payment can be made in cash, check, money order or Credit Card with valid ID.

You receive your marriage license immediately and can use it the same day, or up to 90 days from the date of issue. The Public Marriage License:. You can apply online , but both partners have to pick it up in person.

Los Angeles County Court Records

They are listed below. An informational copy is available to anyone who asks. Marriage license applications should be submitted before p.

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Marriage licenses can be processed on the same day that the application is received. Both the bride and groom should be at least 18 years of age.

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They must both be currently unmarried. Blood tests and other test results such as health certificates are not necessary in order to receive a marriage license in Los Angeles County. Couples also do not need to be residents of Pomona in order to apply. A Los Angeles County marriage license expires 90 days after the license is issued. A regular marriage license issued by Los Angeles County can be used anywhere in California. Anyone who is authorized can perform wedding ceremonies in Pomona, California.

Pomona Marriage License Applications

Authorized persons include priests, ministers, and rabbis from any religious denomination; judges, commissioners, and assistant commissioners from the California judicial system; and current mayors. Los Angeles County has a Deputy Commissioner for a Day program that authorizes a person to perform a specific wedding ceremony. The couple needs to have their marriage license in advance and they need to provide the witnesses. The couple will receive their marriage certificate about two weeks later.