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  1. How Do I Delete Multiple Emails When I Have a Lot to Delete? - Ask Leo!
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  3. Use Smart Mailboxes in Mail on Mac

But Yahoo Mail basics also include formatting e-mail messages, handling attachments, and saving, storing and deleting e-mail messages. You'll see that's all fairly easy to do.

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To send a message, start by clicking "New" in the upper left of your home page. Then click "E-mail Message," and a new screen will open. Here's how to compose your message. Yahoo Mail automatically checks for new mail every 10 minutes. You can tell you've received a message by the number in parentheses after your inbox icon. You also can set an alert in Yahoo Messenger to make a sound whenever a new e-mail arrives in Yahoo Mail.

How Do I Delete Multiple Emails When I Have a Lot to Delete? - Ask Leo!

Yahoo Messenger is free, but you need to download software and register. For more information, see " How Yahoo Messenger Works. Open the inbox, and you'll see your messages listed to the right with the most recent at the top.

Unread messages will be in bold type. Perhaps the most annoying "feature" of all has been the apparent inability to mark all unread messages as read. Now, if you only ever have one page of unread emails in Gmail, then this isn't likely an issue you've run into. Get up to hundreds or thousands of new emails, though, and you'll quickly become aware. With that in mind, I set out to achieve this should-be simple task. Luckily, it turns out that it is quite simple, though not at all obvious.

How to Delete All Unread Emails in Yahoo - Easy way to Delete Delete Yahoo Emails at Once 2019

As you'll also see, it's nowhere near as dead-simple as other email providers make it. And now, here's how to quickly empty your inbox to achieve that ever-elusive "you have 0 unread emails" in not just one, but four major email providers: Gmail, Yahoo! I know, I know!

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  6. Yes, AOL. Apparently, a very large percentage of year-olds prefer it. Who knew? To note, the box below might show if you have a ton of emails that it has to mark as new. Clearly, Google needs to step up their game and make it easier for people to be more productive with cleaning their inboxes. Personally, I don't mind using the advanced operators, but when other providers makes it happen with two clicks, that's kind of sad.

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    Then again, perhaps Google is basing their usability on tons of user case studies where a majority of people said they don't give a hoot about marking all emails as read. Who knows? Let us all know in the comments below.

    Create Smart Mailboxes

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    An end to passwords

    To delete all unread emails: --Type is:unread in search bar of your Gmail. You will see that only 50 emails have been selected by Gmail for the deletion. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from.

    Use Smart Mailboxes in Mail on Mac

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