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Having half the requirements finished ahead of time i have yet to meet my P. Braxton did alright. At times I felt he was maybe detached, but the reality is, these things take for ever to get through. He called me personally every time there was a new significant event. But generally he will keep pushing your court date back until he can get ALL the evidence. Most of the waiting will be on the cops of course providing their evidence.

What ever you do, do not get into any more trouble in the meanwhile.

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If you get caught driving while your license is suspended. Reckless if off the table for sure. The judge decides your punishment. I had Judge Conrad. He is lenient with the lawyers and granted more time every time Braxton asked for it. But to me he seems a little harsh on the punishment. At least when I compare to what i got to the punishment other people i know got. They were even allowed to buy out of all of it.

My accident i only wrecked my truck and a side rail. Like all day kind of long.

Luckily my teach was interesting. I think this was like bones. Treatment 12 sessions. And you pay for each lol. The one on ones are more money This is the worst part for me. I chose a state park, they are usually lax.

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But you have to choose one and stick with that one place. You can go to 2 different places.

Costs Associated with DUIs

You can choose a different place, but that will require going back to the salvation army place and filling out more paper wor. Then you can only go to that one place And you have to go in at the start time. Its stupid. They even make you buy insurance for this. And you are required to work minimum 4 hours each time. Most of my costs went to the Braxton.

But I feel he did a decent job and was worth it to me. I paid him 5k. He's a chill guy, you can probably shoot the ish with him on the phone. I am not sure of the details of the case for the lady who went after me in court. All i know is she got the exact same punishment when pleading to wreckless. I have a friend who got a reckless and his situation was way worse then mine. He was driving a friends car and hit someone driving a rental, in front of a cop. He got off on a reckless.

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He didn't blow or comply to road side. But that was a few years ago. I was kind of using that as a barometer. Take up a hobby or invest more time into your current hobbies. Do what ever you have to do to occupy your mind. The worst part for me about this whole experience was just thinking and dwelling about it. Anonymity, I'm using Braxton of Parks and Braxton also. Have my pretrial coming up in a couple weeks.

I refused the breath test, but had a bottle in the car. Dunno what I'll end up with, hoping for a reckless. What do you think of Mike Braxton? And did you get treatment required or recommended on your evaluation? I'm wondering about what other punishments you got? You said the girl also got hrs of community service or you got so much cuz of your accident?

It is just this simple do not drink and drive.

How much could a DUI cost you? Compare stats by state |

Everyone knows not to drink and drive so if you do expect to pay the consequences whether money or feeling like a criminal. There should not be any ill feelings toward the police or the hassle of it all. Use the situation as a learning experience. My incident took place in Tampa FL. I wrecked my truck while stupidly driving intoxicated.

I am not even much of drinker, just made a bad decision one night. Regardless if your incident is a 1 time deal the state assumes you are a drunk or becoming a drunk and its up to you to prove otherwise by jumping through all their hoops and pay everything they ask for. As Julia has mentioned, it is what it is. I cannot stress this enough. Blowing will only provide the state with more evidence against you. I didn't blow, and despite wrecking my truck and a guard rail was able to get a reckless with the help of a decent attorney.

Braxton of parks and braxton was mine. No this is not a sales pitch. They are expensive, but they specialize in DUI. His Tampa rep has been working with Tampa DA for a while now and they all know each other. At least that is how it seemed based on the manner in which they were communicating in the court room.

Florida DUI Consequences: Penalties for Conviction [What to Expect]

There is zero reason to submit to the police. They really don't care about you. We do not live in a time where cops are peace officers and community servants. The majority are law enforcers. I suggest you think about that for bit, law enforcement and peace keeping are not one in the same.

Despite being against the law, Cops are required to make X number of contacts a month and have quotas to full fill. Most states are broke and need revenue. So that is going to be their priority, not you or what's going to happen to you. Not saying be belligerent and rude to the police as that could lead to far worse things.

No one is going to take the side of a drunk driver over abusive cops. What I am saying is that you should refuse to submit as politely as possible and do not show any sign of disrespect regardless of how you really feel. Common sense goes a long way as well as thinking on your feet.

Telling the cops that you are unsure of what the law is and that you don't want to do a thing until speaking with an attorney is what you should sat. That is what I did, and when my attorney watched the video of my arrest, he said that was a smart move. The consequences for not blowing are not good, but the alternative could be far worse and far more costly.

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The DMV will take you to the cleaners and put you through the ringer. I will not repeat all the previously mentioned costs.