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Getting an expungement isn't easy though Michigan law sets forth specific guidelines that must be followed.

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Consulting with an experienced Michigan expungement attorney who understands the complex expungement process and legal requirements is essential to winning back your second chance. Many rules govern who is entitled to an expungement and under what circumstances. If you have questions about whether you may be able to get a conviction set aside in your particular case then you must consult with a knowledgeable Michigan expungement lawyer about your situation. Until recently, Michigan expungement law MCL If you have been convicted of both drug possession and possession with intent to deliver you have two convictions.

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Recently, Michigan expungement law has been changed to allow persons with two misdemeanor convictions to be eligible for expungement. Additionally, persons with one felony and two misdemeanors on their record are eligible to have their felony expunged. Further, before you can file a petition to set aside your verdict, you must wait five years from the time of sentencing, or five years after serving any prison term for that conviction, completion of probation or discharge from parole whichever occurs later.

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Certain sex crimes such as criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, criminal sexual conduct in the second degree, criminal sexual conduct in the third degree. MCL The process is often lengthy and requires careful attention to numerous Michigan expungement rules and regulations.

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You must attend at least one hearing and you may face objections to your petition by the victim, the prosecutor who sought your conviction, and even the Attorney General of the state of Michigan. As a result, working with an experienced Michigan expungement law firm is essential to ensure that you get a second chance.

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients, and minimizing the negative consequences of a prior conviction. Criminal Defense Overview.

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Finding Public Records in Michigan. It can be hard to truly get to know somebody over the telephone or over lunch. Just because the landscaping contractor we just hired or a potential business partner may seem like a decent people doesn't mean they are. Conducting a bit of research on virtually anybody can be carried out on our phone or the computer with a couple clicks. So what solutions does Michigan offer for background checks?

Michigan Expungement Reform

Local state and county public record repositories are the way to go. Practically all state and county public record information is open to the public depending on state laws. The big plus for using local record sources to perform a background check is that they are free to view and are direct from the source. The negative having said that is that the data is only coming from a single state or county. To obtain a more considerable background check you will want a national check. And this can be done right here freepeoplescan.