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You can still report identity theft

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Equifax security breach

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Tax Professionals. If You Believe You Are a Victim of Identity Theft Identity theft places a burden on its victims and presents a challenge to businesses, organizations and government agencies.

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  • If a fraudulent Maryland return was submitted using your social security number: The fraudulent filer had possession of your stolen social security number, and possibly additional information. The fraudulent filers typically file electronically using online tax software. Refund requests are typically deposited into a pre-paid debit card account.

    Identity theft

    Please be advised that if you attempt to, you will NOT be able to submit your tax return using third party software. You may file using our free iFile system, file a paper return or visit one of our Branch Offices and have the return filed on your behalf. Instead, identity theft insurance provides coverage for the cost of reclaiming your financial identity, such as the costs of making phone calls, making copies, mailing documents, taking time off from work without pay lost wages and hiring an attorney.

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    Identity Theft – Information on identity theft

    Helpful External Website Links Mississippi. It also helps you to set up a recovery plan. Why is it important to report identity theft? If you are a victim of identity theft, it means someone has taken your personal information and used it to commit fraud in your name.

    Identity theft

    A police report serves as sworn statement that you were not responsible for any crimes the thief committed using your name. If someone accuses you of a crime committed in your name, you can show them your sworn statement. With luck, filing a police report will go smoothly. You can then concentrate on taking steps to recover from identity theft.

    source site But some police departments may not be fully prepared to take your report. For instance, officers may be preoccupied with other crimes or unfamiliar with how to handle identity theft cases. Bottom line: Reporting identity theft to the police or the FTC is a smart step to take. It could save time and money as you recover from identity theft.

    Was yours one of the billions of records stolen through breaches in recent years? LifeLock identity theft protection sees more threats to your identity, like your personal info on the dark web. And if you become a victim of identity theft, dedicated Identity Restoration Agents will work to fix it.