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Sources in sabratha confirm that the military base was heavily bombed by nato using 4 missiles. Libya Other site used by G filth might have been bombed in Sabratha libya…you can declare now city is fully liberated A Free Libyan Freedom Fighters in the town of Garabouli next stop west of Gmata, east of Tripoli are active tonight. Who thinks Tripoli not in a state of revolt?

Who still thinks Tripoli is not in revolt?

San Bernardino shooting's Tashfeen Malik shot first while Syed Farook hesitated

In the most high profile defection since foreign minister Musa Kusa fled to Britain earlier this year, Nassr al-Mabrouk Abdullah flew to Egypt on his private plane with nine family members. Another beautiful Amazigh song: Numidia Dania Ben Sassi This is a song dedicated to the Amazigh Berber fighters in Libya and their efforts to liberate their homes and lands in the west.

Support the Libyan Revolution and Berbers in their fight for freedom. HomelandYouth Shabbab Al Watan Eyewitness recently released from Abu-Salem prison: prisoners black out from time to time because of lack of proper food. EpicLibyan EpicLibyanGrandpa is an expert at straightening out three things: old tanks, Gaddafi, and his goons.

Video: epiclibyan. They put each hundreds on the lists! Made it their dayjob to sell their kind neighbourgs kids for money! Therefore they are closed. All is normal. Libya Joanne whats really distrubring is 2 of the Zawiyah snipers caught were locals! Badr: In the battle that liberated Badr.

Following the first relief convoy in May , Asamer is now sending a second convoy by ship to the city of Benghazi in East Libya. He says rebels and regime forces clashed there on Tuesday, then the opposition fighters pulled out at nightfall and made a new push in the daylight. More here: www. It was defended by Libya army regulars who had no stomach for fight.

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Now 2 out of 3 major oil refineries in FF hands. Qahtani The amazing Misrata fighters, after freeing tuwargha, on the way to sirte at hrasha gate feb17 libya yfrog.

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Ambulances were also seen. The front most ignored — Zintan — led to the current string of gains libya Only now we get confirmation that Gaddafi put his best troops in Brega. Failure to advance there led many reporters to distrust NTC libya Many Twitter people pretended to be journalists — some successfully.

Pioneer Magazine - Winter by Utica College - Issuu

Wasted money! Bandwagon, OK. But ask yrself: why are the pro-G trolls multiplying? He knew that and played it hard. Suddenly the story was far more complicated than even egypt on the surface libya The Gaddafi PR machine geared up during April. From then on they were complicit libya Even now — even now! Otherwise well-meaning people ask themselves: has Gaddafi retaken Misrata? Or have the FF really entered zawiyah? In its own history? The revolutionaries have now entered Tiji and Badr. The Gaddafi brigades retreated to Zuwarah and Jameel, near the Tunisian border.

I think they will surrender soon because roads to Tripoli are closed. The account could not be independently confirmed. It has already appointed lawyers Hogan Lovells in the UK, it said in a statement. An NTC executive committee spokeswoman said: Libyan embassies belong to the Libyan people and the NTC has full entitlement and authority to assume those embassies and conduct diplomatic functions in its capacity as sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people. As such we use these principles in practice to help us secure the property that belongs to the Libyan people and will oppose attempts to prevent us from doing so.

We have the resources and will to do this, and will take all steps that are required to protect the interests of the Libyan people. An effort to reorganise the cabinet is well under way, and a war cabinet will emerge with the core objective and focus of achieving the final victory.

We control the gates of the refinery. The rest of the city now flies the red, black and green flag used by the rebels. Under a bridge, rebels loaded large-calibre ammunition into a car and headed towards the refinery. Other rebels could be seen speeding in that direction. Elsewhere in Zawiya appeared quiet on Wednesday and under rebel control. The city was largely deserted and shops were boarded up, with clusters of rebel fighters in the streets. An Associated Press reporter in Zawiya saw three pickup tricks loaded with fighters speeding toward the refinery.

Zawiyah Medical workers at a hospital told Reuters three people had been killed and 35 injured on Tuesday, most of them civilians. A senior alliance diplomat told The Times: This is the phrase now being generally used in Nato, that we are facing a catastrophic success in Libya. Link: af. Just called tripoli blackout there no more cooking gas or water miserable FromJoanne Joanne Telephone communicat. Feb17 Electricity has been off in Tripoli since 1 am. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev last week said he supported the U. Security Council resolution in March that sanctioned international military action in Libya.

Moscow abstained from voting on U.

What Is a Hot Check in Texas?

Moscow is supporting the arms embargo on Libya and suspended all of its military contracts with the country, he stressed. It seems that these recent developments are the result of a significant progress made in negotiations between the rival parties. These talks are being held in Tunisia.

Some sources claim Gaddafi is ill and in need for urgent medical treatment outside Libya.

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The campaign of air strikes to stop Col Muammar Gaddafi killing his own citizens began in mid-March with high hopes the regime would not see the start of summer. President Nicolas Sarkozy gave orders for the action to be wrapped up by Bastille Day. But air strikes failed to deliver the knockout blow and there was a glimpse of French panic in a weapons drop to rebels. July 14 came and went and the Mad Dog of the Middle East was still in his bunker. And opposition forces claim the conflict has reached a decisive phase — with the fighters advancing towards the capital, Tripoli. But, as Tony Birtley reports from Benghazi, the campaign has met a number of stumbling blocks along the way.

The two Brazilian congressmen are stuck in Tunis apparently. AFP The NTC are planning a 2 year path to democracy which includes an assembly election, a constitutional referendum and a general election. According to local doctors they were forced to perform hours of consecutive surgeries, while also placing snipers on the roof and an anti-aircraft gun near the entrance.

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Auto/Biography and the Construction of Identity and Community in the Middle East

The National Transitional Council denied any kind of negotiation with Gaddafi to resolve the six-month-old conflict. Anyone knows the location of the Brazilian company odebrecht Not sure of the spelling in Tripoli? Reports of mercenaries there. NATO confirm hit Badr but cannot confirm rebel deaths. LibyaNewMedia There was a tweep keeping a record of all the videos of liberated towns…I finally I have a video from Garyan!