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Since the extra money would come in useful, I decided to give it a try - after all, how difficult could it really be? I left my details on the given website and two days later I received a phone call. Six days ago, I drove to the allocated location to collect my phone books ready for distribution.

Distributors have one week to deliver their books. But was it worth it? And would I do it again? Before I begin my account of this experience, let me just say that I was already aware the money would not be great. After all, pushing things through people's letterboxes has always been right down there at the bottom of the pay stakes. That is not good money. Before I accepted the job, I enquired exactly how long one could expect to spend on this task. But then, he walks really fast. For most people, it should take a couple of days, if you spend about six hours a day at it.

Basically, if you deliver books in I am also wondering if this lady has a supersonic husband who can walk quicker than the speed of light - because I am a perfectly fit and able-bodied thirty-nine-year-old, and right now I am left reeling in his wake not to mention the fact that I have also accquired a parking penalty, but I'll come back to that bit later Obviously, you need to be able to drive, plus have the use of a car in order to undertake this job.

You also have to collect all of your phone books on your own, nobody will bring them to you. I live in a city, so the collection point at the business area of a self storage unit was only a ten minute drive for me. You do not get to claim for the petrol you use whilst driving to collect your phone books, so that is a definite point to keep in mind. You can claim for petrol used whilst transporting your books around your route, but not for travel to and from the route - and I ended up not claiming at all because I had no idea how to work the mileage out. When I arrived at the collection point, all paperwork was given to me via a lady in a white van who doesn't bother to get out.

She was seated quite high up, meaning I could barely see her through the open window from my lowly place on the ground.

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Then someone helped me load my phone books into my car. I had the back seats down - since my car is one of the smallest there is, there is no chance they would have fitted otherwise. As it was, I had to make two trips, and I was extremely concerned about the suspension. It was a heavy load for a Daewoo Matiz. Something that I had not been informed about on the phone was the fact that it was only possible to collect the books on that day between 2.

Order or Cancel Your White or Yellow Pages Delivery in Australia - Directory Select

If you can't load up between those times then you have to wait an entire week, by which time the books are supposed to have been delivered. For most distributors, this might not have presented a problem, but I had children to attend to and an emergency appointment at the vets for a guinea pig who didn't turn out to be ill at all. I could, of course, have planned around this had I known, but the information given to me was rather sparse.

The mountain of phone books stacked in my front room was huge. My children thought it was funny and my youngest found that climbing on it was fun. I thought that had I not moved house six months previously, the books would, quite simply, have failed to fit into the house at all I haven't got a garage.


I had been told that this was a large route, so I suppose I should have expected it. All the same, it was a little daunting. I decided to begin my deliveries as soon as possible the following morning. It was the ideal opportunity, since my partner was on holiday from work and could look after my youngest son who wasn't due to go to school for another three days. I had acquired my late grandmother's ancient shopping trolley, which I was pleased to discover could hold fifty books. You do need something to transport the directories in - and you really do not want to purchase anything, otherwise there is little point bothering to do the job.

My route contained my home address, so I thought I could get away without using the car for a bit.

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  • This turned out to be a big mistake. When delivering phone books whilst at the same time trying to ensure that you receive minimum wage, you really do not have time to saunter backwards and forwards between your own home, no matter how short the walk. I walked fast, delivered fast, and am perfectly capable of keeping up with the next person. I needed to deliver just over books per hour to make the job pay the legal minimum wage. On my first day, I spent six hours distributing, and was horrifed to discover that I only delivered about Clearly, this was a complete underachievement.

    Aside from my initial attempts to head around the corner without the car, I silently cursed the friendly builder who chatted non-stop before showing me round the house he was working on, and the sweet old lady who decided to tell me everything about herself, her children and her eight grandchildren, plus her dilemma over whether to visit her sick friend in hospital.

    Since I don't like to brush people off or hurt their feelings, I listened patiently whilst wondering how long I had been standing there. Posting the new slimline phone book through letterboxes should be relatively easy. You are not allowed, however, to leave phone books on doorsteps. If the resident has a ridiculously small letterbox compared to everyone else and believe me, many people do you must do one of four things: 1 Knock on the door and hand it over, 2 Hide the book out of view and under cover even though they are encased in plastic wrapping , posting a slip through the door informing the resident of where you have hidden it, 3 Leave the book with a neighbour and explain on the slip, or 4 Post a slip explaining there was nowhere to leave it.

    In addition to all this, you also have to record each method of delivery for every single address on a separate sheet. I carried this around with me, because otherwise the paperwork gets muddled and you will not be able to remember even ten minutes later. Armed with the ancient shopping trolley, the slips, a pen and the rather thick A4 sized paperwork, it was all a bit of a juggling act. I had one such resident - the phone book must be left in the porch and under no circumstances posted through the letterbox, were my instructions.

    Fine, except that the said address did not have a porch. It did have a perfectly adequate letterbox, and a door leading round to the back garden. Was the porch round the back, I wondered? The beware of the dog sign prevented me from finding out. I ended up agreeing to knock at the door later that evening, handing the precious book over directly.

    In the end, I had to go back three times in order to catch the owner at home. I told her I had specific instructions about the porch, and she looked immensely puzzled. Clearly, the instructions were from long ago, when a previous resident lived with both a porch and a phone-book-destroying dog. On the second day of delivery, my son had his karate grading and so I couldn't fit much else in. Even so, I decided that a late summer's evening would be a fine time to catch up a bit, even though most people were doing much more exciting things.

    Unfortunately, on that occasion my four-year-old son insisted on coming with me.

    Verizon Phone Book Delivery Jobs – An Example from Belmont, MA

    It was ok at first, and I wouldn't say he really slowed me up. He liked to post the odd book, crying only when his fingers got trapped in the letterbox. He was, however, a mild disturbance in an area where many elderly people lived disguised behind the doors of council houses. Not only did he clunk the letterboxes several times before he could force the books through, but he had taken his metal scooter with him.

    He likes to jump on his scooter, like the big boys and his brother do at the skate park. Fine, during the day. At other times, very noisy and obviously a cause for concern for one resident, who peeked suspiciously from behind his curtains before opening the door to see what was happening. My route of residents seemed to contain an overly large percentage of people with dogs.

    Ok, you might think, except that dog owners like to protect their mail by installing cages behind the letterbox. That might be fine for small letters, but phone books do not drop into the cage. They get stuck. Then you have to ring the bell.

    Then, if no one is at home, you have to hide the book and fill out a slip. I used so many slips that I ran out altogether by the time I was halfway through.

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    • Since the company is not local and wouldn't be accessible until Thursday by which time the route had to be completed I was left with no other option but to use my own computer and precious ink to print out more. If this happens to you, don't forget to keep the last one to copy! Dogs are not just a problem when it comes to letterboxes.

      Verizon gets OK to abandon printed phone books for Pa. landline customers

      Or rather, it is usually the owners that are the problem. Two books could not be delivered due to dogs one sleeping, but one very large and barking fiercely unsupervised in front gardens. Four books could not be delivered in a small block of flats because someone had left their dog loose on the stairwell. If you are new to delivery like many jobs and I have had a few! You do need to be physically fit and reasonably strong and sometimes people are a bit rude. I would agree with the comment about rural rounds, the beginners pick them because the pay looks better for the number of books but in reality they take longer.

      July 7.

      The Information Session

      I also work in the mornings and deliver after I think that if you are organised and become familiar with the procedures, then the delivery work is fine. I did 5 rounds with my wife last year see comment earlier about this time last year. I cut it down to one round in the village where I live. Virtually no petrol, no planning time, I know where everything is and all the nooks and crannies houses hidden away. I can pop home for a bite to eat at lunch, without taking too much time out. It just about pays, and the exercise is a key factor.

      Shame they have done it later this year and we had a non existent summer this year, last year was quite nice and the summer went into autumn. I have just completed two rounds — one semi rural. A week after completion not been paid.